Interested in the team building benefits of an escape room, but can’t get everyone together after work?  Having a party, but you have too many people to fit them all in an escape room?  Want to put those leadership skills to the test, but we’re located too far away?  It sounds like our mobile escape room the the perfect solution!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Pick your room from the available options below.
  2. Call for availability and to reserve your date and time.  It’s never too early to book.
  3. We will show up with everything necessary to create a fun mobile escape room experience.

Here’s what we need:

  • 12’ x 12’ of floor space
  • 9.5’ high space
  • 1 Electrical outlet
  • Lots of excited guests!

The specifics:

  • 2 hour minimum booking required.
  • The room is abbreviated and has a maximum of 15 minutes to escape.
  • Group sizes range from 4-5 guests escaping together.
  • Approximately 16-20 people can participate through the course of 1 hour.
  • Interactive character in the space to facilitate the escape.

Ho Ho No

In 1985, a crisis occurred at the North Pole. Peter, the evil elf, attempted to hijack Christmas and replace it with his own holiday. Thankfully, Santa's faithful reindeer thwarted his plan and he was ultimately banished to the South Pole. It is now Christmas of 2017 and Peter's exile has come to an end. However, his grudge remains. He's captured the Claus and strapped him to an explosive device to extinguish Christmas once and for all.
Difficulty Moderate

Ho Ho No is designed to hold 4-5 guests in 15-20 min blocks. Approximately 16-20 people can participate through the course of 1 hour.

Call 717-698-3088 to book us for your event!