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Project Description

Eleanor’s Eccentricities

Difficulty Moderate

Eleanor’s Eccentricities is designed to hold up to 8 guests. For larger groups, call 717-698-3088 to check availability.

You’ve found the perfect little house with lovely lavender siding and a quaint yard with a patio that overlooks it. You signed the papers with Eleanor, the eccentric previous home owner, and your real estate agent assures you she won’t be a problem. All goes well and move in day arrives, but when you show up, you find that Eleanor and her eclectic things are still there. Obviously, she doesn’t want you living in her home and has decided she no longer wishes to move. In fact, she’s set a trap to buy herself some time and has cast you into a twisted world where the house exists, but up is down and everything is skewed. If you want this house that you’ve worked so hard to buy, you’ll have to open the portal and escape the crazy world in which you find yourself by turning everything right side up. Prove to Eleanor that you mean business and won’t give up without a fight. Escape in one hour and send her packing. Fail and you’ll be stuck in her crazy world for who knows how long. Can you save your dream home?