Project Description

Jurassic Lunch

Difficulty Moderate

Jurassic Lunch is designed to hold up to 8 guests. For larger groups, call 717-698-3088 to check availability.

Eleanor has “retired”, but her legacy lives on. A mysterious figure, an accomplice of sorts, has repurposed her portal technology to transport dinosaurs to his compound. Invitations have gone out to see these magnificent beasts in person while enjoying some lunch with the mysterious figure. But is all as it seems? What awaits beyond the gates of the compound? You have accepted the invitation, and your guide has brought you to the compound, but it appears the gates have closed and you are in the cages instead of the compound. What exactly did that invitation say again? You have one hour to make your way out of the pens to safety, but after that the chopper is gone, and you are stuck there forever. Can you escape in time, or will you end up as Jurassic Lunch?

Difficulty is rated a 5/10 for the room but a 9/10 if you complete the bonus mission