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Choose one of the rooms below to escape from. Each room is a different game and has a unique theme and story. You have 60 minutes to attempt your escape from a room. Between 2 – 8 people can attempt to escape from anyone room at the same time. To book an escape click book now.


Top Secret

Agent Sam, a world class spy, might seem like a typical 80's kid. But when his partner goes missing, he knows there is only one possible culprit. Can you help Sam and his network rescue his partner and bring the culprit to justice? Will you be trapped in the past with only a feeling of nostalgia, or will you be able to beat the clock and escape confusion? Good luck agents, the world is counting on you.
Difficulty Challenging

Top Secret is designed to hold 6 guests. For larger groups, call 717-698-3088 to check availability.



Elenor’s Eccentricities

Congratulations! You've just purchased a beautiful home, but when you go to move in, you find that Eleanor, the eccentric previous owner, has decided she no longer wants to sell and is refusing to let you in. Even worse, in her attempt to buy herself some time, Eleanor has cast you into a crazy world where up is down and everything is off kilter. You must work quickly to escape before the portal closes in one hour or you may be stuck for good. Eccentric Eleanor is out to get her house back and only you stand in her way. Can you figure out how to return to your dream home?
Difficulty Moderate

Eleanor's Eccentricities is designed to hold 8 guests. For larger groups, call 717-698-3088 to check availability.