1. We wanted to bring a new form of entertainment to Hanover.

As young adults mostly born and raised in the Hanover area, we have enjoyed every form of popular entertainment from the roller skating rink to the miniature golf course, the movie theaters to the restaurants and bars.  And it didn’t seem right to us that the Hanover public did not have an escape room in their backyard to come and enjoy too!  Our hope it that both our neighbors and visitors to our fun little town will be able to experience the challenge of our unique rooms and the thrill of the escape.  Take part in this experience where you can use not just you body or your mind, but rather engage both!


  1. We wanted to help revitalize downtown Hanover.

When Eisenhower Drive started to become what it is today, there was a major shift from the small businesses of downtown to the larger businesses all lumped together on the other side.  But downtown Hanover is a charming place full of great people, growing new businesses and has more to offer than ever before! We’re excited to be a part of the downtown revitalization and look forward to partnering with the restaurants, shops and breweries to make sure your Hanover experience is memorable.


  1. This is home!

All of our partners either currently live in Hanover or did at one time.  We all have a heart for this town and want to do our part to make sure this place is the best it can be!  We want people to enjoy coming and walk away with a spirit full of good memories of laughter and joy!